Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD or ADD) is a problem with selecting, maintaining or switching the focus of attention. People with this condition have the ability to totally focus on things that interest them, to the exclusion of all other things, while being unable to focus on anything that bores them.

This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The ability to hyper-focus means that someone with ADHD can achieve highly in an area of interest. It also means that the same person will struggle academically in areas where they have little or no interest. Most people can tolerate being bored for short periods. People with ADHD can’t cope with boredom and will distract themselves by moving around or by day dreaming.

  • Students with ADHD often have problems writing essays and stories, and many do not enjoy reading fiction.
  • Students with inattentive ADHD (ADD) often have problems with mathematics.
  • Many students with ADHD have difficulty studying and remembering what they have studied.
  • Students with ADHD are often disorganised and may procrastinate over starting assignments until the last moment hoping it will all just go away.

How can ADHD and ADD be helped?

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Improve your memory: Rowena can show you the most efficient way for you to use and support your memory. This will help you with those subjects that are most difficult and reduce the amount of time that you need to spend studying.

Overcome your procrastination habit: read Procrastinate Now! for a complete explanation of how to use procrastination to your advantage.

Being organised will give you more free time. It is possible to become organised through strategies such as:
  • Clutter removal to allow you to see where things are.
  • Colour-code notes and books using coloured post-it notes.
  • Buy two sets of text books. Leave one set of books permanently in your locker at school. Leave the second set permanently at home. This way you will always have the right book at the right time.
  • Have a full year wall planner attached to the wall in a prominent place to give you a visual sense of time.