About Rowena

Rowena specialises in identifying, supporting and remediating learning difficulties for children and adults.

Learning difficulties become learning disabilities if they are left unremediated.

Most learning difficulties are sub-skill difficulties. This means that they can be successfully helped.

The ideal time to help a learning difficulty is as soon as it is discovered, at whatever age that might be.

More about Rowena

How can Rowena help?

  • We provide an explanation for you about why your child may be having problems at school.
  • We give you a diagnostic evaluation of your child’s, academic abilities.
  • We give recommendations for effective remediation.
  • We give recommendations for support at school.
  • We make suggestions about what you can do at home to help your child learn and remember.
  • We explain the most effective way for your child to learn depending on his or her memory strengths and preferences.
  • We explain ways to improve his or her memory.
  • We provide a memory profile for your child, if requested.