Adult learning difficulties and ADHD

Adults can suffer from undiagnosed learning difficulties or ADHD.

A learning difficulty can be a problem with reading, spelling, mathematics, writing, or comprehension.

ADHD is a problem trying to maintain your focus.

Learning difficulties have nothing to do with IQ. You can have a high IQ and still be unable to read easily. It has nothing to do with how smart you are and everything to do with how you learn.

It can help to be diagnosed. A few hours of testing in friendly surroundings, can mean an end to years of doubt and confusion.

There is no age limit.

My oldest client was a 71 year old woman who told me that it was time to learn to read now that her grandchildren had left home.

It isn’t necessary to learn to read to begin to feel better about yourself. Knowing why you had a hard time at school can be enough for some people. Knowing why can relieve anxiety and improve self-esteem.

Retraining can be made easier. Learning difficulties are sub-skill difficulties and hence can usually be helped.

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