There are two different types of spelling difficulties. The first type is a difficulty spelling phonetically regular words – words that you “sound out” – such as:

fat, mat, bat, cat, rat, sat, hat.

Or more complex words that include vowel combinations such as:

stork, wound, repeat, claim, weather, hour.

If you have problems with phonetic spelling in English you will also have problems spelling in other languages.

The second type of spelling difficulty is a difficulty spelling words that you have to recognise by sight because they are hard to “sound out” - such as:

wear, quay, island, Wednesday, know, yacht.

Some people have both difficulties.

Most people with spelling difficulties try hard to learn their spelling words but then forget them almost instantly.

Most people with spelling difficulties cover the fact that they can’t spell by spelling the same word in several different ways on the same page.

Most people with a spelling difficulty develop poor, or very small, handwriting to disguise the fact their spelling is not good or that they have spelled the same word in several ways on the same page.

How can a spelling difficulty be helped?

A good phonics program may help you learn to spell accurately especially if you have
auditory perceptual difficulties.

Testing for auditory or visual perceptual difficulties may make the reason for the spelling difficulty clear. Physical testing by an Ophthalmologist, or Developmental Optometrist to check on the ability of the eyes to see clearly, converge accurately, and track smoothly is important. Audiometry testing to ensure that the ears hear clearly is equally important.

If the eyes see well then a good program stimulating visual perception may help when the words on the page are not read accurately.

Memory testing to determine whether you have symbol imaging difficulties or Working Memory difficulties may make the reasons for the spelling difficulty clear and remediation more effective.

Contact Rowena for memory testing, and for auditory and visual perceptual testing.